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An axle is a predominant rod/shaft for a circulating wheel or gear., which supports the weight of the vehicle. The axle is fastened to wheels on wheeled vehicles, rotating with them, or fitted to the car, with the wheels revolving around the shaft. In the former case, bearings or bushing when provided at mounting positions where the axle is supported. In the latter, a bearing or bushing is placed inside the central hole of the wheel to enable it to rotate around the shaft.

Axles are an integral element of most practical wheeled vehicles. In a live-axle suspension technique, the axles serve to transmit the rotational force to the wheel and sustain the wheels' state relative to each other and the vehicle body. The spindles in this technique also undergo the weight of the vehicle plus any cargo. A non-driving axle, such as the front shaft axle in heavy-duty trucks and some two-wheel-drive light trucks, cars, vans, etc. will have no shaft and work only as a suspension and steering element. Conversely, many front-wheel-drive cars have a solid rear axle.

In other kinds of suspension systems, the axles work only to transmit the rotational force to the wheels; the wheel centers' state and angle are an independent function of the suspension technique. Usually, this suspension technique has been found on most newer cars and SUVs and the front of numerous light trucks.

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What are the indications of a broken axle and how it sounds like?

Usually, when your axle fails, you'll notice a bumping, crunching, or annoying noise when going into turns, or unnecessary shaking and reverberating when you accelerate.

What happens if the axle breaks while driving?

If an axle fails while driving, your truck will begin to pull to one side as the other wheel loses power. While, if the axle breaks entirely, its corresponding wheel will stop working and no longer turn. Although the engine may still operate, the vehicle stops operating or moves.

Can the axle be repaired?

In most cases, a bent axle cannot be repaired and must be replaced. Also, a lousy axle further may lead to other damage to your vehicle. So it's critical to ensure that the axle is in excellent condition to avoid other costly repairs.